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New York Mills won't likely renew contract with Chartwells

Food service expenses at the New York Mills School District came in at $46,000 more than planned, causing the school board to make some budget revisions.

The school board discussed its disappointment in the situation at a meeting on Monday.

"It's May - how did we get here?" board member Josie Hendrickx asked.

Superintendent Todd Cameron said it was due to a variety of factors, including depreciation, set up costs and under-bid commodities.

Cameron said enrollment was lower than expected, too, so food service revenue wasn't as high as they had predicted.

Last August, the school board approved a one-year food service contract with Chartwells, hoping it would save the district money.

"I feel like they (Chartwells) lied to our face," Rachel Grieger said.

Cameron said Chartwells agreed to forfeit its manager's fee, which would knock off $5,000; however, no other adjustments were available.

Though no formal action was taken Monday, board members said they intended to discontinue the district's arrangement with Chartwells.

Further discussion on the matter will continue in coming months. A final vote is likely to occur at the board's June 25 meeting.