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Health department issues fees to New York Mills pool

Connie Vandermay/FOCUS Cool, rainy weather didn't stop kids from visiting the New York Mills city pool last week. The pool's opening was delayed until it could be properly licensed.

After paying almost $2,000 in unexpected license fees, Legried Community Swimming Pool in New York Mills opened last week, a couple of days behind schedule.

After an inspection from the Minnesota Department of Health, it was discovered the city pool was not properly licensed, and had not been for at least the last two years.

Mayor Larry Hodgson said during the regular city council meeting last week that the pool has been open for many years, and this was the first time the city had to purchase a license.

The board approved paying the bill of nearly $2,000. The license fee for the current year cost $788. The city also had to back pay one year for the total cost, including late fees, of $1,148.

All payments were immediately made by the city, so the pool could open right away.

The kiddie pool has not opened yet, however, as the drainage system needs to be updated with an additional grated cover.

The main pool's floor will also need to be updated in the near future. One estimate for that project came in at more than $40,000, although Hodgson said more options needed to be examined. A new floor was considered necessary because pieces are chipping off and clogging the filters.