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Ottertail accepts bid for riprap project

The city of Ottertail will be putting in riprap along its Donald Lake shoreline in an effort to prevent further erosion.

At a meeting of the city council on June 21, Ottertail City Clerk/Treasurer Elaine Hanson reported that the city received two quotes for the riprap project. Both companies were bidding on the same amount of rock and the same amount of sand.

The council decided to accept the low bid from Pete's Nursery and Landscaping.

The riprap will run from the monument to the east and will help protect the city-owned shoreline from additional erosion. One of the main concerns the city has with the eroding shoreline is protecting the road that wraps around the lake.

The goal is to get the project scheduled as soon as possible.

Bike path update

A meeting was scheduled for June 29 to make sure all of the paperwork is done correctly for the city's bike path project and to give the bids an internal review. The exact placement for the otter statue was also to be determined.

Jerry Smith, with the Ottertail Lions Club, shared how the Lions would like to move the otter statue into position before construction begins on the bike path. The pad the otter will sit on was included in the drawings for the bike path, so the Lions do not need to get a permit from the state.

MIR3 system

City Clerk/Treasurer Hanson encouraged each member of the council to register online for the MIR3 emergency notification system.

"Once we get some people registered, we can start testing the system," she said.

The city will soon be setting up a user's group with the county. Staff members are coming up with questions about the system.

"We're all pretty excited about it," Hanson said, adding how they already have 14 recipients signed up.

Other news

Group and individual pictures of the Ottertail Fire Department were recently taken and will soon be on display. The council approved a motion to spend up to $1,000 for pictures and frames for the fire department. The framed shots will be displayed at the Ottertail Fire Hall.

A special event permit was approved for a street dance fundraiser at Hoot 'n Holler on August 10. The event will raise money for NBIA, a rare neurological disease that affects children and young adults.

Two donations were also approved. The first was a donation of $2,500 from T.I.P. Inc., Ottertail Chapter, for portable toilets at Smokin' Iron. The second was a $100 donation from Thumper Pond Resort LLC to the Ottertail Fire Department.