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Unwanted books sent to be recycled

This dumpster full of books was spotted behind Perham High School late last week. Marie Nitke/FOCUS

The Focus received reports late last week of a dumpster full of books sitting behind Perham High School.

Superintendent Mitch Anderson said the books were left over from the school's recent purge to make room for improvements to the media center. In the process, many older and rarely checked-out books were donated to the Perham Area Library and given to the elementary and middle schools; however, others were unwanted and were hauled out to be recycled.

There were so many of them, he added, because the books had never been inventoried over a summer before, so there were a lot of old books that had just come off the shelves.

Books that were deemed valuable by staff members are still in circulation at the school, with the majority of them now housed in a new "book room."

The media center is being remodeled as more of a hang-out space for students.