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'Tin Project' raises $17K for NYM School

The New York Mills School and community members recently participated in "a unique fundraiser with KLN Family Brands," raising a total of $17,000 for the school, according to KLN spokesperson Josie Hendrickx.

The funds were split and given to various causes: $12,000 for new football field lights, $4,000 to the Booster Club and $1,000 to the Close-Up group.

In a seven-day period, more than 1,200 total volunteer hours were dedicated to the fundraiser. City and school officials, students and other community members formed teams of 30 to work on an assembly line, stuffing popcorn into tins for what has been dubbed the 'Tin Project.'

In a letter to the school, Barrel O' Fun Snack Foods Co. General Manager Kevin Keil said, "When Barrel O'Fun was asked by one of our premier customers to take on a project we typically would not do in our normal course of business, our West Central Minnesota 'can-do' attitude kicked in, and we of course said 'yes.'"

After that, Hendrickx found "local volunteers, interested in raising some funds, [who] lined up to take on the task."

Hendrickx said this was a "huge community event with sports teams volunteering, as well as community members."

NY Mills superintendent Todd Cameron said, "You realize how important everyone is to reach your goal."

"Myron Carlson and John Peeters were instrumental in coordinating and making this project work," Hendrickx added. "Neither missed a single day."