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No seat changes at county level

Otter Tail County Commissioners and Soil and Water Supervisors all ran unopposed in the 2012 election, easily hanging on to their positions.

Commissioner Douglas Huebsch, who represents District 1 (including Perham, New York Mills, Dent, Richville and other areas), was reelected with 5,367 votes.

Huebsch has said he tries to find a balance between government spending and acceptable tax rates. He believes the county needs to implement policy that builds the economy, limits the size of government and protects the environment.

Commissioners for Districts 3 and 5, John Lindquist and Lee Rogness, respectively, were also reelected. Lindquist received 5,256 votes and Rogness 4,934.

Soil and Water Supervisor for District 1, Dennis E. Reynolds, will continue in that role after garnering 10,174 votes.

All vote counts are unofficial until canvassed by the county.

Otter Tail County Correspondent, Tom Hintgen, contributed to this report.