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One vote wonder; Franson ahead of Cunniff in House race

House District 8B - the race won by one.

Probably the most shocking election result to come out of Otter Tail and Douglas counties was Republican Mary Franson's one vote win over DFLer Bob Cunniff.

"This is a great civic lesson in that every vote counts," Cunniff said.

Late in the evening on Election Day, Cunniff was down by as many as 750 votes but said he was still hopeful because the city of Alexandria had not yet reported results.

Because the difference between the total numbers of votes falls within a half-percent margin, a recount is mandatory. After the state canvassing board meets on Nov. 27, a recount will be conducted to determine who will be representing the district.

"In the meantime, it's a waiting game," Cunniff said. "I am confident that the recount will go well and I will be able to serve my district."

District 8B includes Douglas and Otter Tail counties.

Attempts to contact Representative Franson were not successful.