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Lock your car doors: Increase in thefts in Perham

There have been six separate reports of things stolen out of people's parked cars in Perham since Dec. 1.

The Perham Police Department said Monday that it has seen an increase in thefts from vehicles this month, and is asking the public to report any suspicious activity.

The thefts occurred on Dec. 1, 5, 7 and three incidents Dec. 8.

Perham Chief of Police Jason Hoaby said all of the vehicles involved in the thefts were "unlocked or unsecured."

Property taken has mostly included cash, cigarettes, stereos, CDs and iPods. In the incident on Dec. 5, a portable fish house and other personal items were stolen from a back of a pickup truck in the Tuffy's parking lot.

Hoaby stated in an email to the Focus, "I know there have been more thefts from vehicles in this time period, too, that have not been reported. Reporting criminal activity is important because we may recover items at times and not have a case to match them with."

Hoaby asked the public to call in anything suspicious so these thefts can be solved. He advises the public to always lock their vehicles and remove valuables.