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Text message joking about robbery prompts Fargo police response

FARGO - Police say a misunderstanding over a text message led to a bogus robbery report this morning at the Holiday convenience store in downtown Fargo.

A woman, frustrated about having to wait in line at the store, sent a text message stating that the store was being robbed to her boyfriend waiting in the parking lot, Sgt. Jared Crane said.

The boyfriend took the text message seriously and called police at about 3 a.m. to report a robbery in progress, causing officers to rush to the store at 101 N. University Drive, Crane said.

"The clerk had no idea what was going on until we went in and said, 'Hey, were you robbed?' " he said.

The woman won't face charges for the incident. She said she didn't think her boyfriend would call police, Crane said.

"It was just a joke, and she certainly learned that that wasn't a cool thing to do," he said.