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Josh Hoaby appointed to NYM city council

New York Mills City Council members have unanimously approved the appointment of Josh Hoaby to fill the late Bill Warner's seat.

By law, the city council could appoint any qualified citizen to fulfill the duties of councilor for the rest of Warner's term, since less than two years remained. If more than two years of the term had been left, a special election would have been necessary.

A number of people approached councilors in the last month, expressing interest in the seat. The council chose Hoaby by looking strictly at voting totals from the November election. Of the remaining candidates on the ballet, Hoaby had the highest number of votes.

Councilor Betsy Roder said, "It seems like a logical choice to me." The other councilors quickly agreed.

Hoaby has been in the technology industry for more than 13 years, most recently owning his own computer business located within Seip Drug in NY Mills. Hoaby and his family have lived in the city for six years. His term will end Dec. 31, 2014.

In other NY Mills news:

-The police department will begin its search for a new squad car to replace a leased Chevrolet Impala. The council approved up to $20,000 to purchase another used car before the Impala's lease expires in May. The money will come from the city's Capital Funds budget, which is set aside for large purchases. Departments within the city can 'borrow' from that fund, paying the balance back over a couple of years.

-The city council approved a two-month trial period for the senior center to access the city's WiFi. The Internet access will allow the senior center to hold one-on-one classes with seniors, teaching computer basics.

-Lund Boats recently purchased residential property between its NY Mills location and the public school, and the city council has approved rezoning this property from residential to industrial. Even though Lund Boats has no plans as of yet for the property, rezoning to industrial would be necessary for future expansions.