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VIDEO: Neglected horses find new home near Vergas

A dozen neglected horses tonight are in a warm barn with hay and water after a massive rescue on a farm near Vergas Tuesday.

The Otter Tail County Sheriff's office is investigating the death of six horses, including one overnight. No charges have been filed.

By midafternoon the entire farmyard welcomed the trailers full of rescued horses that started rolling into HighTail ranch near Hawley. More than a dozen volunteers helped rescue eleven horses from a farm near Vergas - some starving, others barely able to walk.

Jordanne Bruns - Volunteer: "The dead horses that were there, that was the hardest part."

In addition to the horses were a baby llama, just days old, and her adult llama parents; all rescued and in safe stalls tonight.

Charlotte Tuhy - HighTail Horse Ranch and Rescue: "It is a really good feeling to get them home where we can get in charge of their care, a really good feeling."

Now the work begins, trying to get the hooves repaired on these horses and get them all fed. There are 15 already up for adoption and now another 11.

Finally, a gentle giant was saved. It looked more like a prehistoric character as it backed out of the trailer - a big draft horse rescued, joining the others in recovery, their first night together out of the cold, in a barn, surviving.