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Doors unlock at Snappy for union labor

Back at work: Locked out union workers have returned and are working under their old contract. Ted Fiskevold/Tribune

Workers are offered two hours of overtime work daily and six hours on Saturday.  We have not run more than one shift since the big layoffs between the 2007 and 2010 contracts, I think, Matter recalled

“The local management and our plant manager Rick Lewis—they all came up through the rank and file,” Matter said.

“We’re like a big family and we all get along,” Maves said. “The local workers, the local management, the business agent for Local 10 —Ricky England —we all get along. The concessions we took were kind of like taking it for the team...”

“But we need to get caught back up now,” Huerung added.

“And, they (Standex) were supposed to put money back into the building and the plant ... and they didn’t,” Matter said.

A call to work

Matter received a call from England on Tuesday morning. “Ricky told me the lockout is over and union members are to return to work tomorrow morning. We will work under the 2010 contract until the 2013 contract is settled and ratified,” Matter reported in a phone interview. “I believe our (health) insurance will resume at midnight tonight. It is good to know that we’re not replaceable by temporary workers.”

“Getting back to work with a ratified contract, wages and insurance benefits is the most speculation I want to make when we resume contract negotiations the last week of March,” England said by phone.

Management responds

“As of tomorrow we are ending the lockout. Workers are to report back at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning,” DL Snappy Plant Manager Rick Lewis said Tuesday afternoon in his office. “I’m not at liberty to give you any more information than that. Call Human Resources Director Melissa Kosmin if you have any questions. She’s in Portland but she checks her Philadelphia phone regularly. Negotiations will go on again.”

A call to Kosmin’s phone was not returned by press time.

Article written by Ted Fiskevold Special to the Tribune