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Hubbard County rollovers prompt warning

PARK RAPIDS -- Hubbard County authorities responded to the fourth rollover accident on frosted highways in two weeks; this one Friday morning near Headwaters Country Club.

The driver lost control on a frosty curve of Highway 1. He was not injured, like the drivers and vehicle occupants in the other rollovers. But all the vehicles, including the pickup involved in Friday's crash, were likely totaled.

"You just have to drive to the conditions of the road," Hubbard County Sheriff Frank Homer said. "We stress that to the public and to our guys.

"Frosty roads, let's face the facts, they're dangerous," Homer said.

An abnormally wet fall has left heavy condensation on area roadways during morning hours. Emergency personnel have been calling for road crews to sand slippery spots, but those vary by the day,

"Leave five minutes earlier," Homer suggested. "We're always in such a hurry."

Homer said Minnesotans should be used to slippery roads and use caution.

"It's getting to be that time of year," he said.