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Frosty roads lead to accidents south, west of Fargo

FARGO - Frosty roads contributed to a number of accidents this morning on interstates 29 and 94, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

"People need to realize that we don't need snow or rain for the roads to be icy out here," patrol Sgt. Troy Hischer said.

Passing lanes in both directions were frosted over and slippery, Hischer said.

He said he was driving 65 mph and could feel his squad car slipping on I-94 as he headed to an accident about 4 miles east of Casselton around 8 a.m. The driver crashed a pickup into a guardrail but was not injured, he said.

A rollover accident was reported about 8 a.m. at Mile Marker 54 on I-29 south of Fargo. A male was bleeding from the head but conscious, according to the dispatch call. The extent of injuries wasn't known.