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Dalton man treated for gun accident

A Dalton man was taken to a Fergus Falls hospital Tuesday afternoon after a piece of the gun he was test firing shot back in his face.

Richard Henkes, 55, was working at Dalton Outdoors repairing a gun when he went outside around 4 p.m. to test fire the weapon. When he pulled the trigger, the shell discharged before it was in the chamber, pushing the wad out of the weapon and into the man's thumb and cheek, according to Dalton Outdoors Co-Owner Mike Evavold.

"All the lead went out the barrel, the rest of the shell came out the side of the gun," Evavold said.

Evavold took Henkes to Lake Region Hospital, where the pieces were removed from Henkes' thumb and cheek.

Henkes, who has been on the job for 25 years, has never had an accident, Evavold said.

"It's just one of those accidents that happen," Evavold said.

Henkes returned to work today.