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County to develop comprehensive zoning plan

Otter Tail County officials are taking steps to develop a comprehensive countywide zoning plan.

The county's current zoning plan is basically made up of highway setback, sanitation code, and subdivision controls ordinances, according to County Attorney David Hauser.

Brian Armstrong, GIS Coordinator, recently presented several documents and briefed the county board on statistics regarding acreage in shore land areas, total agricultural acreage, average size of parcels and census and demographic data.

Armstrong said 36 percent of the county is not governed by existing township or municipality jurisdictional zoning, or by the existing shore land management ordinance.

"Most of this land is in the eastern portion of the county," said Armstrong.

County commissioners requested that an internal task force continue research on the matter and present a recommendation to the board to solicit an outside agency to develop the comprehensive countywide plan.