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Minge moves into new office

Attorney-at-law John Minge, in his new office at the BES building (the former hospital) in Perham.

Long-time Perham attorney, John Minge, has moved into a new office of his own.

After practicing for 19 years with the Peloquin-Beck law firm, Minge opened his office Oct. 1. He is now located inside the Business and Entrepreneurial Services building in Perham (the former hospital, on 3rd St. SW), but hopes to be working from his home by next summer.

"I'm at a point in my life where you start thinking about other things," Minge said of why he decided to make the switch. "I wanted to have more control over my life; more flexibility."

He doesn't want people to misunderstand the move as a step toward retirement.

"I'm not retiring at all," he said. "I'm not looking to work less. Hopefully I'll keep doing the same things I've been doing all along."

Those things include general practice law, probate, bankruptcy assistance and other nonlitigation. Minge said he tends to do real estate work more than anything else, though he doesn't consider himself a specialist in that. He also does a lot of "elder law," protecting assets from the costs of nursing home care.

He will continue to serve clients in Perham and the surrounding areas.

Minge's parting with Peloquin-Beck "was a friendly separation," he said. "They're doing what they can to help me, and I'm still doing what I can, if called upon, to be useful to them."

A 1976 law school graduate, Minge has been working as an attorney for the last 36 years. Before coming to Perham, he practiced family law in Winona. He has three grown children who live in the Twin Cities, but said he has no intentions of heading that way himself.

"I like it here," he said of Perham.

The BES building was a convenient location for Minge's new office, he said, because he didn't need to worry about buying a lot of office equipment, there was less overhead, and it didn't require a lengthy lease.

"This is a nice transition for me," he said. "It's a nice building, a beautiful space."

Contact Minge at 346-5330 or email