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Perham PD gets two new squad cars

Connie Vandermay/FOCUS The Perham Police Department is adding two new 2013 Ford Police Interceptor sedans to its fleet.

The Perham Police Department is replacing two of its squad cars with two all black 2013 Ford Police Interceptor sedans.

The department's lease on its 2011 Ford Crown Victoria is set to expire in February. At the same time, the city-owned 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis will be retired.

Just as it has had in the past, the police department will have three vehicles - the two sedans and a city-owned 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer.

However, the new fleet of cars brings one change for the department: "The difference is they (the cars) will all be equipped for patrol," said Perham Police Chief Jason Hoaby.

The Grand Marquis is not considered a patrol vehicle because, although it has all the necessary lights, it does not have a barrier and cage to safely carry prisoners.

The decision to add another fully equipped squad car goes back to an incident last summer, when both of Perham's equipped patrol units needed repair, forcing the department to borrow the Police Reserves car for a couple of days.

Having three fully equipped squads should prevent this problem in the future.

The plan is for one of the new sedans to be used for the night shift and the other for days. This should make it easier to maintain the vehicles and also help with a smoother shift change, said Hoaby.

The department recently signed a four-year lease on the sedans. A two-vehicle lease agreement increases the monthly lease budget by an estimated $500, up to $1,400 a month.

Currently, the cars are being painted and fitted with police equipment. They are both expected to be on the road by mid-February.