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Moorhead man assaulted with police-style baton while using urinal at local bar

Moorhead police say an assault victim suffered head lacerations when he was struck with a police-style baton while using a urinal at Chumley's Bar on Tuesday night.

Officers responded just before midnight to a report of an assault with a pool cue at the bar.

Lt. Tory Jacobson said the victim, who was bleeding from the head, told police that he went to the men's room and was using the urinal when the suspect struck him in the side of the head with an expandable metal baton similar to a police baton.

The victim, John Martinez, 24, of Moorhead, told police a small fight occurred in the bathroom, and he was hit at least twice more in the head and arm as he ran out of the bar, Jacobson said.

The victim was taken to a Fargo hospital, and he told police that he knew the assailant, Jacobson said.

Police later arrested Hector Lieonel Flores, 31, of Moorhead, at a woman's apartment in south Moorhead on suspicion of second-degree assault.

"At this point, the victim's indicating that it's a family connection with the suspect and that he even had some forewarning that this person was potentially going to try to hurt him," Jacobson said.

Flores is being held in the Clay County Jail pending a court appearance.