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Rural Becker County man accused of beating two teenage boys

Brady Lee Peterson, 20, of 13329 560th St. Menahga has been charged in Becker County District Court with two felony counts of fifth-degree assault.

According to court records:

On July 20, two teenage boys went to Peterson's house in a semi-remote area in Becker County. They began watching a movie. Peterson was drinking and he allegedly had the boys drink with him. He drank throughout the evening and morning, then tried to pick a fight with one of the boys, though nothing came of it.

Later, in the early morning hours of July 21, he again tried to pick a fight with the boy, identified only by the initials J.R., and throughout the evening he allegedly punched, choked, hit and kicked J.R., who had no working cell phone and no vehicle.

The boy tried to escape the abuse by going to a bedroom to sleep, but Peterson allegedly would wake him up intermittently and began beating him again. At one point, he allegedly used an ax handle to try to beat J.R. about the legs, and also picked up a solid wooden pole 10-13 feet long.

Peterson also allegedly punched the other boy, identified by the initials I.C., at various times during the evening and early morning. I.C allegedly witnessed the beating of J.R. but didn't want to get involved.

J.R. said he took most of the beatings so Peterson would stay away from I.C.

Eventually, J.R. ran from the residence down the driveway and was picked up by a passing motorist, who gave him a ride to the Park Rapids police department, where officers observed numerous bruises on him.

On Aug. 14, Becker County District Judge Peter Irvine issued a warrant for Peterson's arrest.