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Verndale officer investigates car theft, happens across fallen woman

WADENA -- The Verndale Police Department came across a woman in need of help while investigating another incident last Saturday.

According to Chief Jeff Jares, the Verndale PD was called to assist a neighboring police department with a report of a stolen vehicle they had found in their town. It was reported that the occupants had left the area on foot possibly into a wooded area. While the Verndale officer was canvassing the area and talking to the neighbors, he came across an elderly female lying on her back from an apparent fall.

The victim had fallen and was unable to call for help and had been there for a while. The female had fallen, striking her head on the pavement. The officer supported the female's head in his hands and then called for an ambulance.

The female was taken to a local hospital to be treated. The officer then continued his search for the occupants of the stolen vehicle.