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Grand Forks father bites into kid's Halloween candy, gets stuck by sewing needle

GRAND FORKS -- Someone slipped a needle into a piece of Halloween candy given to a child Saturday in Grand Forks and later bitten into by the child's father, who was injured, police said Sunday.

The man told police Sunday in a complaint he was eating his child's Halloween candy when he bit into a Nestle's Crunch bar, a sewing needle stuck inside the bar gave him a small puncture wound in the top of his mouth.

The family had been "all over town," collecting candy on Halloween and didn't have any idea where the child was given the Crunch bar, a police spokeswoman said Sunday. No other reports of such dangerous tricks in treats have been reported, the spokeswoman said. But the incident is being investigated.

Police urged people to closely examine all Halloween candy for signs of tampering, such as wrappers that aren't quite right.

Anyone with information should call the Grand Forks Police Department at 701-787-8000.