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Grand Forks mom convicted of drunken breastfeeding gets 3 more months in jail

GRAND FORKS -- A Grand Forks mother convicted of breastfeeding while drunk was sentenced Monday to three more months in jail for slashing a tire on an acquaintance's pickup -- a crime committed the evening of Aug. 7, just hours after she was sentenced for child neglect.

Stacey Anvarinia, 27, pleaded guilty Monday to criminal mischief and preventing arrest, both misdemeanors.

Judge Sonja Clapp of state District Court said she was "astounded" by Anvarinia's actions after the Aug. 7 sentencing.

"What was going on?" the judge asked.

"Drinking. I was overloaded," Anvarinia said. "There was a lot of stress that I had to go through. I drank, and that's what happens when I drink."

Prosecutor Carmell Mattison said officers reported finding Anvarinia in her apartment hiding in her closet and that she resisted them as they put her in a squad car. Anvarinia said she doesn't recall the incident, but did not dispute the prosecution's version of events.

Anvarinia's attorney, Gretchen Handy, said her client wants to receive treatment and reunite with her child, who is in the care of social services.

In February, Anvarinia was arrested after police reportedly saw her handle her 6-week-old baby roughly and breast-feed the infant while intoxicated. She was charged with child neglect, pleaded guilty and was ordered to serve six months in jail.

Anvarinia told the judge Monday that she'll complete her original jail sentence in January.

If the jail allows, she may be able to serve her time on electronic home monitoring or work release. She must serve three years of supervised probation when she finishes her jail time.