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Three charged in Wadena in drug sting

WADENA -- Three people were charged in Wadena County District Court Nov. 24 with drug crimes related to the alleged sale of marijuana.

On Aug. 31, a Central Minnesota Drug and Gang Task Force special agent set up an undercover drug buy using a confidential informant. According to court records, the informant bought 91.5 grams of marijuana from Michael Thomas Martin, 22, of Staples, Dustin Joshua Gerving, 20, of Motley, and Steven Wayne Tressler, 20, of Staples. The purchase was allegedly made at a fast food restaurant, which is within 300 feet of a park zone and public housing zone.

Tressler and Martin were charged with fourth degree sale of marijuana in school/park/public housing zone and fourth-degree conspiracy to sell drugs. Gerving was charged Nov. 24 with fourth-degree sale of marijuana in a school/park/public housing zone.