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Feces Turns Neighbor Dispute into Smelly Mess

A disagreement between two neighbors in Fargo turned messy, and a little smelly.

The situation unfolded overnight Monday into Tuesday morning when what police believe to be fecal matter was thrown maliciously at a north Fargo apartment.

Police say the incident happened sometime between 11:50 p.m. and 12:20 a.m. at an apartment on 3013 North 10th street.

"I can't recall ever seeing anything like this in the 20-plus years I've been in law enforcement," said Sgt. Mark Lykken of the Fargo Police Department.

The officers that arrived on scene noticed a distinct odor with a brown liquid-y substance that was smeared on the door, below the door, and strewn about the public washer and dryer area.

The victims told police they think they know who did it.

Police are saying the amount that was thrown will probably require professional cleaning.

"If this is human waste, looking at the pictures, this isn't just something you can pick up. You're going to need a mop, a bucket and some gloves," said Lykken.

Police say if the suspect is apprehended, the most that he or she would face is a charge of disorderly conduct.

Police have not released the name of the suspect yet.