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Wadena man faces terrorism charges

A Wadena man was charged in district court Jan. 14 with crimes committed in the furtherance of terrorism, and four counts of terroristic threats after saying he was going to blow up government buildings and churches in Wadena.

Mark Allen Moe, 39, also allegedly said of the recent shootings in Arizona, "All those people deserved to die in Arizona! The guy that shot them is a hero, only he didn't shoot the congress[woman] in the right place in the head to kill her!"

According to court documents, Moe was angry he was being kicked off Medicare, and said he was going to make gas bombs to blow up Wadena churches, the Wadena County Courthouse, Wadena County Social Services and main street Wadena, including many businesses and residences. He said he already had the gas cans in his garage and planned to place the bombs near natural gas lines to "have a snowball effect" to blow up the buildings.

While watching President Obama give his speech in Tucson, Ariz. following the shootings there, Moe allegedly screamed profanities at the president's image on the TV and talked about how he hated the president, the government and anyone in an authority position.

Moe also allegedly said the assassination of President John F. Kennedy "was a good idea" and said he was "happy that it happened" when the Arizona shootings were announced.

All five charges Moe faces are felonies. The court set bond at $15,000 (or $1,500 cash) with conditions, including that Moe take his medication and doesn't possess any materials that could be made to create an explosive device.