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Perham police report

The Perham Police Department calls from Feb. 7 to Feb. 13.

Feb. 7

Deadbolt lock tampered with at local apartment complex.

Verbal dispute at a local residence.

Repeated 911 untraceable hang-ups; notified local business and calls ceased

Feb. 8

Assisted probation agent.

Fingerprinted a party for employment purposes.

Returned keys to party from previous call.

Feb. 9

Arrested driver for DWI.

Feb. 10

Directed traffic after truck was stuck on Main Street.

Party arrested on local warrant for disability parking violation.

Feb. 11

Stray taken to Lakeland Vet.

Arrested driver for 4th degree DWI.

Found a zip drive near the school; was able to contact owner

Two-vehicle crash at 3rd Avenue and 5th Street SW.

Blocked traffic for a funeral procession.

School bus stop arm violation.

Warning issued for suspicious driving conduct.

Feb. 12

Assist New York Mills PD with DWI arrest.

Out of town pilot needed key to the airport courtesy car.

Assisted Otter Tail County Sheriff.

Party's vehicle was damaged while parked at a local business

Responded to the report of an HRO violation; unfounded

Feb. 13

Arrested driver for DWI.

Party's vehicle was damaged while parked at local residence.

Stray dog taken to Lakeland Vet.

Property report of theft from a locker at a local business.

Resident wanted to report his dog ran away.