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Homeless pair accused of having sex in Clay County building

Moorhead police cited a man and woman for indecent exposure after they allegedly had sex in the bathroom of the Clay County Family Service Center.

According to police reports included with the citations filed Thursday in Clay County District Court:

Officers were dispatched to the Family Service Center on Feb. 10 at 4:48 p.m. on a report of a domestic assault after a witness reported hearing arguing coming from the first-floor men's bathroom.

Police allege that after they knocked on the door of the stall, a woman said, "Hang on. We are having sex." When the locked door was opened, a woman with one shoe on was pulling up and buttoning her pants, and a man was putting his clothes back on.

Numerous clothing items and loose change had been scattered across the floor, police stated in the reports.

A woman police say they identified as Norma Jean Doss, 46, began to yell in the lobby of the building and told police they had no right to do what they were doing, officers claim. The man in the bathroom stall was Steven Wesley Brown, 50, police allege in reports.

Police said neither Doss nor Brown has a permanent address or a phone.

Both of them were cited for indecent exposure, and Doss was additionally cited for disorderly conduct; both are misdemeanors.

Doss and Brown were taken to the county's detox facility, which is in the same building where they were allegedly having sex.

A preliminary breath test registered Doss' blood alcohol level at 0.372 percent, police claim in the reports. There was no blood alcohol level listed for Brown.

A March 22 arraignment date was set for Doss, and Brown's initial court date was set for March 29.