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Perham police report

The Perham Police Department responded to 20 calls from March 21-26.

March 21

A vehicle was tagged for parking too far into roadway.

Police assisted with a property dispute between parties.

Police fingerprinted an individual.

Police responded to an animal complaint. A mail carrier was chased by a dog.

An alarm at a local business was set off by an employee; everyone was okay.

March 22

Police checked an audible alarm at a local business; all secure.

Police responded to a terroristic threat recorded on the voice mail at Prairie Wind Middle School.

Police responded to a motion detector alarm at local business; false alarm.

Party notified officer of gas purchase.

A caller reported hearing a possible assault; the call was unfounded.

March 24

Police attempted to locate an individual for a warrant; police were unable to locate.

Police issued a citation to a party for loud exhaust.

Police issued a warning for parking in a residential parking area.

911 call at local business; all okay on arrival, false alarm.

Police received a call of young children playing by the road unattended; an officer spoke to the mother of the children.

March 25

Police responded to a disturbance at a local address that was resolved without incident.

March 26

Police responded to a report of a child outside without proper winter clothing; the child was reunited with guardian.

Police stood by at a local church for a speaker.

Police received a report of a one-vehicle crash on Hwy. 10; stood by until State Patrol arrived.

Police issued a citation for disorderly conduct.