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Disorderly conduct conviction lands Perham man in jail

A Perham man initially arrested on Christmas Day for felony domestic assault charges has been convicted on one count of disorderly conduct.

John Lee Boomgaarden will serve 30 days in Otter Tail County Jail and pay $235 in fees for the misdemeanor following his April 11 conviction.

Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Pine Cone Park on Christmas Eve following a report that a person tried to break into a trailer house with a shovel.

When police arrived, they heard noise coming from the trailer, but found it to be caused by Boomgaarden - the owner - not a burglar, according to the criminal complaint. Boomgaarden then told the officer to leave his property.

When Otter Tail County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene, Boomgaarden's wife showed up and told officers she and her husband had been at the bar and he was drunk. She said he had hit her in the past, according to the complaint.

A safe place for Boomgaarden's wife to stay was arranged and officers left the scene.

Around 8:45 a.m. the next morning - Christmas Day - police were dispatched to the residence again after reports of a verbal dispute.

"[The victim] explained that she had gone into the bedroom in the front of the house to grab a television, and the defendant grabbed her by the arms," according to the complaint.

Boomgaarden was arrested and "became hysterical," according to the report.

Police reviewed Boomgaarden's criminal record and found domestic assault convictions in Dakota County in 1999, Otter Tail County in 2002 and Anoka County in 2003.

Staff writer Ashley Bergen contributed to this report.