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Perham police report

The Perham Police Department responded to 20 calls from May 9-15.

May 9

Citation was issued for driving after revocation and driving with no insurance.

Information was given regarding a suspicious vehicle parked at a local unnamed business.

A false alarm was reported at a local unnamed business. Lighting was cited as possible cause.

A residential alarm was set off inadvertently by a homeowner.

A female was arrested for 5th degree domestic assault.

May 10

A juvenile was riding a bike in a semi parking area of a local business.

Report was made of a dog running at large; warning was issued.

May 11

Assistance was requested for couple having relationship issues.

A stray dog was transported to Lakeland Vet.

Party requested check on residential property.

Report was made regarding a suspicious person looking in vehicles at unnamed local business. The person was gone by arrival.

May 12

Call was made concerning the welfare of a canine.

A vehicle was vandalized while parked at Prairie Wind Middle School.

May 13

Perham Police Department assisted parties with insurance information exchange.

Report was made of an accident on the 100 block of Third Avenue SE.

Party was refusing to leave a local unnamed business after repeated requests.

Two written warnings were issued for speeding.

A loud verbal argument was reported outside of an unnamed business.

May 14

Citation was issued for driving after revocation and driving with no insurance.

May 15

Perham Police Department stopped a party for a warrant check; unable to verify and released individual.