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Gun trumps knife in standoff at Wadena store

An alleged shoplifter pulled a knife on a Wadena store employee on May 27, but when another employee grabbed a gun, the man gave up his knife.

According to court documents, Gerald Allan Demarre, 44, of Staples, entered Fleet Supply in Wadena and a store employee confronted him and his girlfriend about taking a pair of boots without paying a few days before. Demarre allegedly told his girlfriend to "go get the gun" when the argument became heated.

The argument turned into a wrestling match between Demarre and a store employee, and during the tussle, Demarre allegedly pulled a leatherman's tool from his pocket and opened the blade. He told the store employee he was going to "go off on him" with the knife, and break his fingers, according to court documents.

But another employee fetched a gun and pointed it at Demarre, ordering him to drop his weapon, which he did. Police then arrived and held a Taser to Demarre until they had him cuffed, court records said.

Witnesses at the store backed up the store employees' version of event, police reported.

Demarre was charged in Wadena County District Court May 31 with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. He posted a $10,000 bond, and his next appearance was set for June 7.