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Man who threatened to bomb Wadena given 93 days in jail

A man who threatened to blow up buildings in Wadena with gas bombs was convicted of two of five counts against him and sentenced to 93 days in jail, with credit for 62 days served.

Mark Allen Moe, 43, was sentenced May 24 for two counts of terroristic threats -- recklessly disregard risk. Two additional counts, as well as a charge of crimes committed in the furtherance of terrorism, were dismissed.

In addition to serving an additional 31 days in jail, Moe was sentenced to five years probation and was given a suspended sentenced of 15 months in prison. He was restricted from owning firearms or dangerous weapons, and was to attend counseling and abstain from alcohol and drugs. A total of $1,665 in fines were also imposed.

In January, Moe had made threatening comments about blowing up public buildings in Wadena, including the court house, social services and churches, using gasoline bombs he had already started collecting gasoline for.

Moe had become irate while watching President Obama's speech in Tucson, Ariz., following the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Moe told people that Giffords and the others "deserved to die," but that the shooter "didn't shoot the congressman in the right place in the head to kill her," court documents said. He also called the assassination of President Kennedy "a good idea."

Moe told police he was upset over being kicked off Medicare for his medication.