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Wadena man charged for Facebook friend request

A 34-year-old man from Staples was charged June 3 in Wadena County District Court with harassment -- violation of a restraining order for an alleged Facebook friend request.

According to court documents, a man showed authorities a friend request from Benjamin Albert Dukowitz on Feb. 14. The man had an active order for protection against Dukowitz, who was barred from contacting him in any way.

An investigator interviewed Dukowitz the same day, and Dukowitz denied sending the friend request, court documents said. Instead, he told investigators he didn't even have a Facebook account. When the officer pointed out the request had his name and his photo, Dukowitz replied, "whatever the computer does, it does."

Court records also said Dukowitz made disparaging remarks about the man and said it was he who was harassing Dukowitz. The defendant said the man "better leave me the [expletive] alone," and told the officer he should do the same "if you know what is good for you."

Dukowitz has a previous domestic violence related conviction from May 2006. His first court appearance was set for June 20.