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Perham brothers charged after alleged police beating

Two brothers are facing felony assault charges after allegedly taking down a police officer outside of Suds Bar in Perham on Sunday, June 26.

Jeremiah Elwin Ard, 25, of Dent and Joshua Gene Ard, 30, have each been charged in Otter Tail County Court with one count of fourth degree felony assault on a peace officer.

According to court documents, an officer with the Perham Police Department, along with an officer with the Henning Police Department, arrived at Suds around 2:30 a.m., where they witnessed Jeremiah swing a punch at another patron in front of the bar.

The Henning officer approached the crowd and warned the men to stop fighting. Officers then witnessed Joshua punch another male, prompting the Perham officer to try to restrain him.

While trying to hold back Joshua, the Perham officer went to the aid of the Henning officer, who was struggling with Jeremiah, according to court documents.

While Jeremiah was being handcuffed by the Perham officer, two females began to attack the officer. The officer took out his taser, which was knocked out of his hands by the women.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah allegedly punched the Henning officer in the face. Joshua approached the same officer, told him to stay back and grabbed him by the neck and shoulder, pulling him to the ground, according to court documents.

Jeremiah then joined in on the action, allegedly jumping on the officer while he lay on the ground.

The officer suffered minor damage, including abrasions to the left side of his forehead, his right arm and his left knee.

The brothers both have hearings scheduled for July 11.