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Giving wrong identity lands Perham man in jail

A Perham man who gave a police officer false identification has pleaded guilty and will serve 120 days in jail, 110 of which have been stayed.

Christopher Lee Gilmer, 27, was wanted on a warrant when a Perham police officer spotted him in the passenger seat of a parked car.

When the police officer questioned Gilmer's identity, Gilmer said he did not know who Chris Gilmer was. After further questioning, he told the officer he was a sibling of Gilmers, and presented identification to prove it.

The officer left the scene and returned to the police department, where he searched into Gilmer's files. It was determined that the man questioned was in fact Gilmer, who was then charged with providing a false name and birth date to an officer.

Gilmer will serve two years of probation, in addition to the jail time.