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Perham woman accused of purchasing hair extensions with stolen checks

A fraudulent check writing spree led to the arrest of a 31-year-old Perham woman.

Abigail Louise Rosene is facing one felony check forgery charge after allegedly stealing a man's checkbook to purchase hair extensions and other items in Perham, Detroit Lakes and Fargo, according to the criminal complaint.

On Dec. 10, a man contacted the Perham Police Department and reported that his checkbook was missing. Records indicated that checks were cashed at a salon in Detroit Lakes.

When personnel at the salon were questioned, they said a tall, thin, blonde woman used the check to purchase hair extensions. The description of the woman matched the complainant's report of Ro-sene, the suspect, according to the complaint.

On Feb. 5, the complainant received a phone call from the Fargo Police Department indicating that Rosene had been arrested for shoplifting. When searched, law enforcement officials found the complainant's Herberger's credit card in her possession. No charges were made to the credit card.

The complainant provided local law enforcement with additional information regarding checks Rosene allegedly passed, totaling around $758.

Rosene was summoned on June 15. She failed to appear at her hearing on Aug. 8, at which time a warrant was sent out. The warrant was quashed on Aug. 17. She again failed to appear at a hearing on Sept. 12. A rescheduled hearing occurred on Sept. 14.