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Felony dropped, probation for assaulter

A Dent man originally accused of fracturing a woman's eye socket will be placed on supervised probation for two years and pay $460 in court fees.

Daniel Ray Daugherty, 42, was sentenced Jan. 9 in Otter Tail County Court. On Dec. 5, Daugherty pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic assault charge - a felony assault charge was dismissed.

Daugherty was given credit for 12 days served in jail.

According to the complaint, Daugherty was driving with a woman on Highway 35 near Richville on July 18 when he stuck his head out the window, causing his glasses to fall off. While traveling around 60 mph, he threw the car in park. He allegedly blamed the woman for his glasses falling off and punched her numerous times.

The woman then fled the vehicle and sought refuge in a swamp, where she stayed for two hours, according to the complaint. During that time, Daugherty waited in the car. The woman eventually got in the car with him and drove to a house in Dent. At the home, the woman snuck out and ran to a nearby bar, where she called law enforcement.

The woman was transported to Perham Memorial Hospital, where she was treated for a fractured orbital socket.

When deputies questioned Daugherty, he allegedly admitted to driving with the woman near Richville, but denied hurting her. The complaint states he said the woman would injure herself to make it look like he had done it.