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Felony charge for meth

A 30-year-old Detroit Lakes woman is facing a felony drug charge in Otter Tail County Court for alleged possession of methamphetamine.

According to a court complaint, law enforcement responded to a call earlier this month from a woman alleging Jessica Ann Anderson had been found outside on the ground yelling - she was not wearing a jacket or shoes at the time. The caller said Anderson was concerned that people were after her and, after lying on the ground, ran to the road, where she again fell to the ground.

When law enforcement responded, they discovered a woman walking north on Highway 35 near Little Owl Road. The woman was crying, talking to herself and waving her arms.

The law enforcement officer stopped, identified himself and asked Anderson to get into the squad car. Anderson complied and told the officer that people, including her husband, were trying to kidnap her.

The temperature at the time of the incident was around 10 degrees, according to the complaint.

When the officer responded to the home where the call was made, the caller showed the officer Anderson's jacket, which had a glass light bulb with a straw sticking out of it. Anderson identified the coat as hers.

Anderson was taken to Perham Health for evaluation and to the Perham Police Department, where the residue found inside the light bulb was positively identified as methamphetamine.

Anderson's court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 23. A plea has not yet been entered.