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Wadena man faces felony domestic charge after violating no drink order

Jeffrey Lynn Welde, 43, of Wadena, faces one felony count of domestic assault after an altercation with his girlfriend.

Court documents state that on June 3 at approximately 10:39 a.m., officers were advised of a domestic at a Wadena residence. Deputies were informed that a woman who claimed to be Welde's girlfriend stated in a call to 911 that her boyfriend was intoxicated, yelling and throwing things around.

He was on probation with a no drink order as part of it, said court records.

Welde was found downstairs in the home with a strong smell of alcohol on him. Welde was told to stand up as he was under arrest for probation violation. He was belligerent and rude with the officers, and was transported to Wadena county jail.

According to court documents, a taped statement was taken from Welde's girlfriend, saying that he had been drinking since 8 a.m. that morning and was under stress from losing his position at work.

Welde's father, who also lives with them, said he doesn't think jail is the place for him and that he needs counseling.

Court records said she claimed he had slapped her a week prior to the incident and that his behavior had gotten so steadily worse that his mother had to remove herself from the home.

Welde's girlfriend continued to say that he yells obscenities to her face and makes threats against her life.

She has also allegedly been strangled by Welde on several occasions, said court documents.

She was informed about the crimes victims' crisis line and was advised to end the relationship and seek an order for protection.

According to court records, Welde has prior domestic violence related convictions in the past, such as violation of a harassment restraining order in July of 2002, and a violation of order for protection on November of 2003.

An omnibus hearing is set for June 18.