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Man arrested in Perham had outstanding felony warrant

A man found walking in Perham without winter clothes on was arrested after it was discovered he had an outstanding felony warrant in Becker County, and for allegedly giving a false ID to an officer.

The Perham Police Department responded to a call on Jan. 1 of an individual walking along Highway 34 without appropriate winter clothing. According to Perham Police Chief Jason Hoaby, the individual was Arlan Bergstrom, age 19, of Detroit Lakes.

Bergstrom allegedly identified himself to police using a name that did not match the identification found in his pocket. Bergstrom claimed the ID belonged to a friend, according to a police report.

The officer ran the photo ID and found that Bergstrom had a felony warrant out for his arrest from Becker County. According to Becky County records, the warrants were for a felony possession of receiving stolen property, issued last June, and a misdemeanor warrant for violating probation, issued in November.

The officer was able to positively identify Bergstrom using Becker County records and tattoo identification.

Bergstrom is being held at the Becker County Jail.