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Did you get one of these? If so, you're not alone

Thirty-nine people in Perham received this letter in the mail this week, along with a $50 parking ticket, for failing to comply with the city's snow emergency parking ordinance. Whenever 2 inches of snow falls, no vehicles may be parked on the roads until after they've been completely cleared by city plows. Marie Nitke/FOCUS

Dozens of Perham residents felt the sting of the city's snow emergency parking ordinance yesterday when they opened their mail and found $50 fines.

A total of 39 parking tickets were issued to vehicle owners in town after Monday night's big snowfall.

Anyone who left their cars or trucks parked on the side of the street while the city plows attempted to clear the roads was mailed a ticket by the Perham Police Department.

Perham Police Chief Jason Hoaby said at a city meeting Wednesday that the tickets were given out around various parts of town - and that the number of tickets written was lower than it could have been, given how many people usually park on the streets.

The city adopted an ordinance in November 2011 that requires all parked vehicles to be moved off the streets whenever 2 inches or more of snow has fallen, and to remain off the streets until the snow has been totally cleared.

Violation of the ordinance is considered a petty misdemeanor, and those who don't move their ve-hicles receive a fine. Tickets were mailed out in this case, rather than left on windshields, due to deep snow accumulations on the vehicles.