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Spilled milk has consequences for NY Mills man

A New York Mills man has been sentenced for disorderly conduct after dumping rotten milk on a minor’s face.

Greg David Karvonen, age 44, was sentenced to 10 days in the Otter Tail County Jail, stayed for one year. He also must pay a fine of $385 and perform 25 hours of community service with the Ronald McDonald Ride, according to Otter Tail County Court documents.

Karvonen initially pled not guilty to charges of assault in the fifth degree and disorderly conduct; March 6 he amended his disorderly conduct plea to guilty, and the assault charge was dismissed.

Charges stemmed from an incident on July 17, 2012, in which a minor threw a small plastic jug of spoiled chocolate milk out of a van, causing the jug to burst and some of the contents to spill on Karvonen, who was standing nearby.

According to a statement in the criminal complaint, given by NY Mills Police Chief Jim Van Schaick, Karvonen became enraged and began shouting and cursing at the minor, then allegedly grabbed him by the back of the neck and forced him to the ground, dumping the rest of the rotten milk on the child’s face, getting it into his eyes, ears and mouth.

The complaint goes on to state that Karvonen then followed the minor and an adult woman into her residence, where Karvonen allegedly wiped himself off with a wash cloth, then threw it at another person in the home before picking it back up and smearing it on a loveseat.

Marie Nitke, Perham Focus