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Arvig warns of phone scam

Arvig is warning Perham and other local communities of a recent phone scam that a few of the company’s customers have reported.

In the scam, the caller attempts to take control of the customer’s computer, and then tries to gain credit card information and other private data.

From information gathered, Arvig technicians have determined that these calls are not from a reputable source. The person who commits these fraudulent calls:

-claims to be named Allen Ash, speaking with a heavy Middle Eastern accent;

-states that he believes the customer’s computer is infected with a virus;

-tries to convince the user to download software that gives him control of the computer, and then;

-attempts to charge the user for upwards of $300 and asks for credit card information for payment.

Although Arvig does offer virus and spyware cleaning services, and sometimes uses these tools remotely over the internet, they only do so with the permission of a customer who has called for help. It is not common practice for Arvig and other large technology companies like Microsoft or Apple to make unsolicited calls informing people of viruses.

If anyone is ever unsure that a call is legitimate, or questions whether a call is coming from Arvig, they should hang up and call the Arvig Help Desk at 877-290-0560.