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Breuns sentenced to community service for animal mistreatment

Bruce and Allison Breun, who earlier this year pled guilty to one of a total 26 charges they each faced related to horse abuse, have each been sentenced to 80 days of community service work.

Ninety-day jail sentences were stayed on the condition that both the Breuns successfully meet conditions of the community service work hours. They also must provide financial restitution to Otter Tail County for court-related costs, and they are not to possess livestock or other animals for two years. They may, however, keep ownership of a dog that previously lived at their home.

The Breuns, of Frazee, were the owners of 11 horses taken from a farmstead north of Perham in November 2012. In March, they were each facing 26 separate charges in the case. After pleading guilty to one charge of mistreatment of animals, they were each convicted of that charge and all other charges were dismissed.

Assisting with rescue of the horses late last year, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, was the High Tail Horse Ranch and Rescue near Hawley, Minn. Otter Tail County deputies had previously obtained a search warrant to gather evidence at the farmstead.

Tom Hintgen, Otter Tail County Correspondent