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Pelican drug robbery victim found not guilty of attempted murder

A Pelican Rapids man who fired shots after eight people showed up at his residence with a plan to rob him of illegal drugs, and then kill him, was found not guilty of attempted murder.

A jury delivered the verdict in Otter Tail County District Court on April 3.

Fikret Saric, 29, of Pelican Rapids, was previously charged in connection with the shooting, which dates back to Oct. 4, 2012, in Pelican Rapids.

Occupants of two vehicles had traveled from Fergus Falls to the home where Saric was staying, with the intention to gain possession of illegal drugs, kill those inside the dwelling and burn the house down. According to court records, Saric, whose permanent address is St. Louis, Mo., turned the tables on the occupants. He came out and fired a handgun at one of the cars. A chase by vehicle ensued.

There were a total of eight occupants inside the two vehicles; three of them were juveniles. Some were later convicted in court while in some cases, plea agreements were reached.

Court records show that the eight individuals, while driving from Fergus Falls to Pelican Rapids, had in their possession a crow bar, bear mace, a lead pipe, knife, machete, baseball bat, gasoline and gun.

One of the eight individuals, 19-year-old Kevin Forer of Fergus Falls, pled guilty to an amended charge of felony first-degree aggravated robbery. A conspiracy to commit murder charge was dismissed. He was sentenced to five months in prison.

Another defendant, Branagen Theisen, was sentenced to 36 months in prison. Other defendants who served prison time were Kimberly Ryan, Zach Stewart and Brandtly Hutson.