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Vandals cause damage at St. Henry's school

Three block windows were broken and eight window screens were slashed by vandals recently at St. Henry’s Area School. Elizabeth Huwe/FOCUS

For the second time in less than one year, St. Henry’s Area School has been damaged by vandals.

Jason Smith, the school’s principal, reported the damage to the Perham Police Department on Monday, May 5.

Smith said eight window screens were slashed, three glass block windows were broken and the flag pole’s rope was cut. A metal downspout on St. Henry’s Church was also twisted out of shape.

Smith said the vandals caused about $500 in damage. The vandalism occurred sometime over the weekend of May 3 and 4.

Last summer, 11 other glass block windows were broken.

Because of these two incidents, Smith said, the school has decided to install exterior security cameras in hopes of discouraging future damage.

“I’m not a fan of retribution,” he said. “I just want the damage to stop.”

At press time, there were no suspects in the incident. The Perham Police Department is investigating.