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Man steals squad car, prompts high speed chase

A stolen squad car and a high speed chase over the weekend landed one Ponsford, Minn., man in jail.

Dyllon James Glatzmaier, 22, made his first court appearance in Becker County on Monday on two counts of vehicle theft, one count of fleeing a police officer and felony drug possession.

According to a press release from the Becker County Sheriff’s Department, the incident began Sunday evening around 6:15 when a deputy stopped to assist Glatzmaier, who was sitting in his vehicle alongside State Highway 34 near Witter Avenue in Osage, Minn.

When the officer asked Glatzmaier who he was and what he was doing, Glatzmaier reportedly said he was waiting for his sister, but changed his story. He also gave the officer a false name. Glatzmaier was informed he would be detained until they could “figure out who he was,” and a standard search of his body produced pills known as hydrocodone.

According to the criminal report, once Glatzmaier was informed he would be charged with possessing a controlled substance, he admitted his real name.

An outstanding warrant came up on Glatzmaier, prompting the officer to place him under arrest.

According to the report, Glatzmaier sat in the back of the patrol car handcuffed with his hands behind his back while the deputy conducted a search of the suspect’s vehicle.

During that time, Glatzmaier was able to get the handcuffs in front of him and climb through an opening between the rear and front seat.

He then stole the patrol car, nearly hitting the officer, and drove approximately one mile to where law enforcement found the car abandoned in Osage.

Glatzmaier fled the scene on foot, sending police on an extensive search of the area.

According to the report, just before 8 p.m., Becker County Sheriff’s dispatch received a report of a stolen Oldsmobile mini-van from a residence several miles northwest of Osage.

When officers located the stolen vehicle, the driver began fleeing, taking law enforcement on a high speed chase that stretched 18 miles.

The chase, which topped speeds of 90 to 100 miles per hour, ended when officers deployed tire-deflation devices at the intersection of county highways 58 and 44.

Glatzmaier was identified as the driver of that vehicle.

Becker County officers were assisted by Minnesota State Patrol, Hubbard County Sheriff, Cass County Sheriff’s K9 and police departments from White Earth, Detroit Lakes, Park Rapids, Frazee, Callaway/Ogema and Wolf Lake Rescue.