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Two Ponsford men accused of vehicle theft

DETROIT LAKES -- A Ponsford man and his younger brother are accused of stealing a car in Fargo and driving it to Becker County.

Patrick Dwayne Buckanaga, 28, of Box 194, Ponsford and Nathaniel D. Fairbanks-Greyeagle, 18, of Ponsford are both charged with felony bringing stolen goods into the state with a value between $500 and $2,500 and felony receiving stolen property.

According to court records:

On Saturday, the two were allegedly spotted by passersby on Rock Rice Road trying to get out a vehicle that had gone into a ditch. Police were called and officers found them both visibly intoxicated and noted that the driver's side window had been broken on the vehicle, glass was on the seat, and the steering column had been chipped and pried open: The vehicle was running but no keys were in the ignition. There was an open bottle of gin and a sealed bottle of vodka inside.

The vehicle had been stolen in Fargo sometime after 4:30 p.m. on Friday. The younger suspect allegedly admitted that they stole it with the intention of driving it via back roads to Ponsford.

Buckanaga was wanted on a warrant for allegedly fleeing his probation agent's office Aug. 7 after failing an alcohol test, violating one of the conditions for his release.

He faces a possible 60-month prison term on that file. On Monday, District Judge Joe Evans signed an order of detention for Buckanaga.

Also on Monday, Fairbanks-Greyeagle appeared before Evans, who set cash bail at $2,000 and bond at $10,000, with conditions. His next court appearance is set for Sept. 8.