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Frazee man charged for threats

DETROIT LAKES -- Troy Ray Gibson, 42, of 31329 Valley View Road, Frazee has been charged in Becker County District Court with making terroristic threats, a felony; obstructing a peace officer with violence, a gross misdemeanor; and driving after his license was suspended, a misdemeanor.

According to court records, on Monday a county child protection worker and two police officers went to a residence in Frazee as part of a child protection investigation. Gibson is the father of the children involved, and he was home when the officials arrived.

After being informed there was a decision to remove the kids from the home for the time being, Gibson allegedly grew "extremely irate," and continuously swore at the social worker and police officers, saying they were not going to take his kids away. Other officers were called in to assist.

He allegedly made statements including "somebody's going to die today," "there aren't enough of you to stop me when I go ballistic," "I'll be going out of this place horizontally," and so on. He also allegedly threw his cell phone at the child protection worker.

He allegedly ran downstairs and outside the house, where he got into a van and began driving recklessly through the yard, revving the engine and trying to park behind a squad car to block it from leaving with the children. Eventually he was ordered out of the van and arrested.

He appeared Wednesday before Becker County District Judge Peter Irvine, who set bail or bond at $10,000 and set his next court appearance for Dec. 21.